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From Paris, to Brussels, to Copenhagen, the explosive surge in violent extremist and terrorist attacks over the past several years targeting civil society, public venues and religious groups has reached unprecedented levels across, directly targeting several EU member states.

"Helping to inform the decisions that impact upon the human dimension of global security."

RIHSC is a founding member and co-architect of the Rutgers Faith-Based Communities Security Program (FBCSP), launched as an initiative to counterbalance a growing violent extremism and targeted violence against communities and soft targets in Europe and elsewhere.

Research Institute for Human Security and Cooperation

Committed to building far-reaching relationships between police agencies and the communities they are sworn to protect.


Focus, Vision and Who We Are


Strategic Studies and Assessments


Publications, Articles, White Papers

A Global Center for Excellence

Policy Development

Development of policies and protocols for the engagement of faith-based, private sector, academic, and community organizations in national security, anti-violence, and anti-terrorism initiatives.

Community and Police Training

Co-sponsorship of joint training efforts with federal and state and law enforcement entities to build the capacity of faith-based and community organizations to engage in anti-violence, security and risk management efforts.

Pathways of Communication

Opening dialogue and creating practical, mutually-responsive partnerships among communities, the private sector, community resource agencies and faith-based institutions.

The RIHSC Culture

RIHSC initiatives have enjoyed great success across the country and around the world because...